Garment Care

We hope you enjoy your Anchor ActiveWear Item! We want your item to be as good as new after washing it time after time. We use many types of fabrics and to keep them looking and feeling good as new, they need special attention. Especially high performance fabrics like foil and soft sublime.

We recommend hand washing items inside out in cold water. Use a small amount of mild detergent or just salt. Do not leave soaking. Remove, lay on towel and roll to remove escess water. Do not wring or bunch up to dry. Lay flat or hang to dry. No bleach.

Although many wash in machines and use any detergent, and have no issues, we do not recommend that. Certain fabrics (such as foils, subliminal) can bleed, fade, crack, peel, etc. Do not put in the dryer or iron! Do not scrub or rub hard together to wash.

We cannot accept a return or exchange once an item is washed as we do not know how it was handled. 

Certain fabrics such as foil, subliminal have tendency to ‘pill’ or dull with use and washing. Pilling can happen quickly if it comes into contact with Velcro, bars, floor, etc. This is normal with those fabrics, they are very delicate. Areas can dull quicker with perspiration, deodorant and when it rubs together. Due to the delicate nature of this fabric this is unfortunately something we are unable to avoid. Anchor ActiveWear therefore will not be responsible for repairing or replacing any leotards which may be affected by this issue.