Trick or Treat Halloween Gnomes Mesh Cross Back Leotard

Trick or Treat Halloween Gnomes Mesh Cross Back Leotard

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How cute are these Hallo-‘O-Gnomes?! There adorable little gnomes are ready to trick or treat with all their cuteness! White with gnomes, Candy and treat bags. The upper back is a black mesh criss cross  design. Soft Sublime Stretch fabric. These are our old sizing numbers for Child Sizes inside opposed to our new 'letter' sizing i.e CS vs 6., CI vs 8.

Please Check Size Guide Below. We have two ‘extra’ sizes other brands may not, so you may need to order a different size.

*Size Guide*
 Child Small/6 (4-6): Girth 39-42”  (Length 17.5”)
Child Intermediate/8 (6-8): Girth 42-45”  (Length 18.75”)
Child Medium/10 (8-10): Girth 45-48”  (Length 20)
Child Large/12 (10-12): Girth 49-51”  (Length 21”)
Child X-Large/14 (12-14): Girth 48-54”  (Length 22.25”)
Adult X-Small: Girth 50-56” (Length 23”)
Adult Small: Girth 54-58” (Length 23.5”)
Adult Medium: Girth 58-60”  (Length 25”)
Adult Large: Girth 60-64”. (Length 25.5”)

Please read or Garment Care Section before Wash & Wear!